C-Media 8738 5.1channel PCI

C-Media 8738 5.1channel PCI

: 241 .
: 8

C-Media CMI 8738LX
/3 stereo-jack out + 1 line-in + 1 mic in
1) 6CH DAC for AC3®5.1CH purpose.HRTF-based 3D positional audio,supporting DirectSound™3D and A3D™interface;2) Supports 4.1/5.1 speakers, C3DX positional audio in 4 / 6 CH speaker mode;3) Legacy audio SBPRO™compatible;4) DLS-based wavetable music synthesizer,supports DirectMusic™;5) Professional digital audio interface,supporting 24-bit SPDIF IN and OUT (44.1Kand 48K format);6) Built-in 32ohm Earphone buffer;7) Built-in PCtel®HSP56 Modem™interface;8) Drivers support EAX®, Karaoke Key, Echo…;9) 16-bit full duplex CODEC;10) Built-in ZV port;11) 32-bit PCI bus master;12) Single chip design